Master of Science in Information Technology in Education

16 modules, including:

Core (5 modules)

        \/ Information Technology and Educational Leadership
        \/ Teaching and Learning with information Technology (2 Modules)
        \/ Qualitative Research Methods
        \/ Quantitive Research Methods

Electives (Usually 6)

        \/ Educational Web-publishing : design and creation
       - Designing Shared Virtual Environments for Learning
       - Curriculum Reform and Information Technology
       - Managing Information Technology for School Development
            \/ Educational Programming
            \/ Hypermedia and Multimedia in Education
            \/ Knowledge Management
       - Digital Culture and Educational Practice
       - Modeling and Simulations in Education
       - Information Retrieval Systems : usage and evaluation
       - The Information Literate School

Dissertation (5 modules) or Project (3 modules)

Fees HK$90,000

Contact Details:
    Centre for Information Technology in School and Teacher Education,         
    Room 122, Runme Shaw Building,
    The University of Hong Kong,
    Pokfulam Road,
    Hong Kong

General enquiries:
    Mr R Chan
        Tel: 2859 8971

    Ms Seamus Kung
        Tel: 2241 5856 / 28578525

Internet Address for more information (Use Netscape, not IE.)

Demonstration Web Pages

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  2. Thinking Tools

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  4. Teacher's Expert System

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  6. Personalised and Interactive activities