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Learning Outcomes

By the end of VOCABULARY LEVEL 2 you should be able to
✔ study vocabulary independently
✔ use different strategies to expand and record vocabulary

Introduction to Independent Learning

Independent learning gives you more choice about what, when and how fast to study. It also prepares you to learn after complete full time education.

In order to study independently you need to be able to set your own aims, choose how you want to study and reflect on the usefulness of studying that you do and on your overall progress.

Since you have chosen to study VOCABULARY LEVEL 2, we can assume that you want to learn more about how to expand and remember words more effectively. The online activities are designed to help you to develop and build the bank of words and expressions that you have at your disposal.

Section 1 Section 2 Rating Form

Package 6 – Mid-course test

Section 1

Complete the sentences using words created from the prefixes in the box and the words given below. Make sure that you put the word in the correct form or tense.

Section 2

Replace the underlined words in each sentence with a similar word containing the root.
Remember to use the correct word form.

Example: The actor’s voice was so weak, it was impossible to hear. aud: ______
Answer:  inaudible

  1. 1.   The stadium can hold up to 3,000 people. spect: spectators Answer: spectators

    2.   The examination of the body revealed that the victim had been strangled. mort: postmortem Answer: postmortem

    3.   The company sells its products to a number of countries in Asia. port: exports Answer: exports

    4.   The Centre for Independent Language Learning shows students methods for studying independently. auto: autonomously Answer: autonomously

    5.   Tracy goes over her notes several times before taking her test. vis: revises Answer: revises

    6.   This waste does not affect the environment as it is broken down naturally into harmless substances. bio: biodegradable Answer: biodegradable

    7.   Every time I enter a lift, I suffer from a fear of enclosed spaces. claustro: claustrophobia Answer: claustrophobia

    8.   The writer of the letter to the Editor gave a false name to guarantee anonymity. pseudo: pseudonym Answer: pseudonym

    9.   You don’t need to pay me back in US dollars; you can pay me back the same amount in Hong Kong dollars if it’s more convenient. equi: equivalent Answer: equivalent

    10. If you do not include a list of the reference books used at the end of your essay you could be accused of plagiarizing. biblio: bibliography Answer: bibliography
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