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Learning Outcomes

By the end of VOCABULARY LEVEL 2 you should be able to
✔ study vocabulary independently
✔ use different strategies to expand and record vocabulary

Introduction to Independent Learning

Independent learning gives you more choice about what, when and how fast to study. It also prepares you to learn after complete full time education.

In order to study independently you need to be able to set your own aims, choose how you want to study and reflect on the usefulness of studying that you do and on your overall progress.

Since you have chosen to study VOCABULARY LEVEL 2, we can assume that you want to learn more about how to expand and remember words more effectively. The online activities are designed to help you to develop and build the bank of words and expressions that you have at your disposal.

To begin with, there is a vocabulary quiz which will give you some idea of where you strengths and weaknesses lie.

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Rating Form

Package 1 - Introduction and Pre-course test

Section 1

In this section, you should choose the word which best completes the sentence.

  1. You must be _________; I was just about to telephone you when you called me!
    1. telephonic
    2. telegraphic
    3. psychopathic
    4. telepathic
  2. Charlie was an accomplished tennis player; he could play equally well with both hands because he was ____________ .
    1. ambidextrous
    2. ambivalent
    3. ambiguous
    4. amiable
  3. When writing an academic essay, you should not use ___________or slang as this is not good style.
    1. shortages
    2. abbreviations
    3. synonyms
    4. shortcomings
  4. After the accident, the child lay in a __________ for 6 months.
    1. faint
    2. blackout
    3. coma
    4. concussion
  5. Mark and Jenny settled down to __________ a family in their early thirties.
    1. grow
    2. raise
    3. rise
    4. plant
  6. The doctor recommended that I _________ medicine for my chronic cough.
    1. drink
    2. swallow
    3. eat
    4. take
  7. When deciding on the best course of action, you should first draw up a list of the ______________ .
    1. pros and cons
    2. ups and downs
    3. highs and lows
    4. aches and pains
  8. Edith is well suited to a career in social work because she is such a ___________ person.
    1. desirable
    2. concessionary
    3. controversial
    4. compassionate
  9. A good manager knows when to _________ to his staff.
    1. distribute
    2. order
    3. delegate
    4. obey
  10. If you attend a university summer programme in an English speaking country, your knowledge of _________ English will improve dramatically.
    1. chatty
    2. colloquial
    3. collocation
    4. easy
  11. The old lady was __________ about being burgled as she lived in a very dangerous part of town.
    1. paranoid
    2. frightening
    3. shy
    4. embarrassed
  12. The third year students were totally lacking in enthusiasm and their teacher was dismayed by their __________.
    1. feeling
    2. apathy
    3. sympathy
    4. empathy

Section 2

Choose the right verb from the box and put it in the right form to complete the sentences.

Section 3

Drag the word on the left and drop it in the box to match the correct definition on the right.

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