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Learning Outcomes

By the end of VOCABULARY LEVEL 1 you should be able to
✔ study vocabulary independently
✔ use different strategies to expand and record vocabulary

Introduction to Independent Learning

Independent learning gives you more choice about what, when and how fast to study. It also prepares you to learn after complete full time education.

In order to study independently you need to be able to set your own aims, choose how you want to study and reflect on the usefulness of studying that you do and on your overall progress.

Since you have chosen to study VOCABULARY LEVEL 1, we can assume that you want to learn more about how to expand and remember words more effectively. The online activities are designed to help you to develop and build the bank of words and expressions that you have at your disposal.

To begin with, there is a vocabulary quiz which will give you some idea of where you strengths and weaknesses lie.

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Rating Form

Package 7 – Mid-course Test

Mid-course test


Section 1

Look at the sentences. Then write a new sentence as similar as possible in meaning to the
original sentence, using the word given in the brackets. The word in brackets must
not be changed in any way, but you may change the other words.

Example:  The students are too dependent on their teacher.  (RELY)
The students rely too much on their teacher.

  1. The shortage of primary school places is due to the increase in the number of immigrants.(TRIGGERED)
    The rise in the number of immigrants triggered a fall in the number of primary school places.
  2. There are too many people in the shopping mall at weekends. (OVERCROWDED)
    The shopping mall is overcrowded at weekends.
  3. I cannot read your handwriting. (ILLEGIBLE)
    Your handwriting is illegible.
  4. The government health warning did not reduce the number of smokers. (DETER)
    The government health warning did not deter people from smoking.
  5. Please give me your comments about the programme. (FEEDBACK)
    Please give me your feedback about the programme.
  6. We can feel the effects of pollution. (TANGIBLE)
    The effects of pollution are tangible.
  7. There are 20 engineering students in the class. (CONSISTS)
    This class consists of 20 engineering students.
  8. How much do you earn in a year? (INCOME)
    What is your annual/yearly income?
  9. The Prime Ministers of Australia and Canada met each other at the conference. (COUNTERPART)
    The Prime Minister of Australia met his Canadian counterpart at the conference.
  10. Seeing his supervisor’s look of disapproval, the student knew immediately that his project was not satisfactory. (INFERRED)
    The student inferred from his supervisor’s look of disapproval that his project was not satisfactory

Section 2

Underline the best word to complete the sentence:

Cheung Tze-keung “Big Spender” was a celebrated/notorious/familiar criminal who was executed in China in1998.

  1. That dress makes you look beautifully slim / bony / skinny and elegant.

  2. The tailor in the market is well-known for negative / inferior / shoddy workmanship.

  3. The cuts in spending provoked / resulted / stemmed an angry response from the residents.

  4. Hong Kong is a closely / thickly / densely populated city.

  5. She looks so sweet-natured, but then, appearances can be tricky / wrong / deceptive.

  6. The AIDS germ / bacteria / virus is prevalent in parts of Africa.

  7. When applying for residency, you need to give the details of your spouse / companion / buddy on the application form.

  8. By studying the last few entrants / entrees / entries on the Recent Transactions website, we could see what the current prices were.

  9. The word ‘spinster’ has a negative context / synonym / connotation.

  10. Could you give us more specialised / specific / special instructions on how to get to your house.

Section 3

Match each word with its synonym or near-synonym.

Section 4

Put the correct form of the word in brackets into the sentence.

Example:  The government are investigating new types of …………. energy

The government are investigating new types of sustainable energy.

  1. I cannot read your handwriting; it’s so untidy and almost totally illegible. (legible)
  2. My grandmother went into a deep depression when my grandfather died. (depress)
  3. You should list your achievements in chronological order on your resume.(chronology)
  4. That teacher is hyperactive and his behaviour is abnormal.(normal)
  5. Children who are brought up on junk food often show signs of malnutrition. (nutrition)
  6. Taking yoga classes is found to be beneficial to one’s health and well-being.(benefit)
  7. Darwin’s theory of evolution is a major breakthrough. (evolve)
  8. The teacher was suspicious that the students were cheating in the exam.(suspect)
  9. The quality of your work is very inconsistent; sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s poor. (consistent)
  10. The football hooligans carried out a cowardly attack on a teenage supporter of the opposing team. (coward)

Section 5

Choose one word from the list below to complete the sentence. Do not use the same word twice.

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