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OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Listening Comprehension Practice
Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Rating Form
Listen to the talk on life at Oxford University and fill in the missing information in the following sentences:
Listen to the following audio file:
  1. Oxford University was started around 1096 .
  2. There are 39 Colleges and halls within the University.
  3. An unconditional offer means that you have a place at the university, no matter what grades you achieve.
  4. The unconditional offers are rare.
  5. The university fees are paid by the government.
  6. St Hugh’s College was an all female college.
  7. It is not compulsory to attend lectures.
  8. Each individual essay had to be unique.
  9. The author’s first year exams were at start of the third term of her first year.
  10. In Section B of the exams you had to write 250-500 words for each of the 3 questions you answered out of 7 available.
  11. Academic dress for ladies consisted of a white shirt, black tie or ribbon, black skirt, black shoes, an academic gown and a mortar board.
  12. Exam results are posted on a notice board at the examination halls.
  13. Every student could see the examination results of everyone else.

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