blank anonymously artful hand out
soulful stack humanity frailty uptight
stick around rip up handful randomly

1. The lawyer got the witness to admit he had been lying.
2. The abandoned dog looked at me with its big, , brown eyes.
3. Though ill for most of her life, physical never stopped her from working.
4. Don't get about the exam - just do your best.
5. You go - I'll here a bit longer.
6. After the breakup, she his letters and burned the pieces.
7. He pulled out a of coins from his pocket.
8. “Please shuffle this pile of cards and pick one out ,” the magician instructed his guest.
9. Sign your name in the space at the bottom of the form.
10. He doesn’t want people to know about his charity work, so his donation was made .
11. The teacher asked her to the worksheets.
12. I the books neatly in piles of three on the bookshelf.
13. The massacre was a crime against .