Objects to move

  • sent
  • an alien
  • marvel
  • envisage
  • fidgeting
  • huge
  • vast
  • myrrh

1. If you were to
    education as
      and say “What is it for – public education?”, I think you have to conclude … it is for training professors. (9:15)
      2. I have a big interest in education. I think we all do. We have a
          interest in it. (1:50)
          3. The first boy brought gold. The second boy brought
            . The third boy said “Frank
              this.” (5:58)
              4. Serena was a
                last night. (2:44)
                5. Gillian Lynne’ school wrote to her mother and said, “I think Gillian has a learning disorder. She couldn’t concentrate and she was
                  .” (15:33)