Objects to move

  • can
  • can’t
  • carpentary
  • clutch
  • company
  • lacquer
  • support
  • tubes

(a) Ole got wood for making toys because he had saved up a lot of it from his
    (b) In order to save a lot of money for the company, Godtfred coated the wooden duck toys with
      only two times instead of three. (6:12)
      (c) When Godtfrey travelled round the country to sell his toys, he took his wife Edith with him to give himself
        and moral
          . (9:12)
          (d) Edith said to Godtfrey in a car when he went out to sell the toys “if you
            take cash, then we need butter and eggs.” (9:17)
            (e) Godtfrey noticed that the bricks had a better
              power with
                inside. (12:02)