Gap-fill exercise

a. Be open to new things, and don’t let your plans rob you of your freedom.
Love can be found in everybody’s hearts, and everybody deserves to be
b. Basically, it is better to be who you are naturally, than to be vain and artificial.
c. Jason Mraz fancies a girl. He tried to impress her by being relaxed, but he lost his composure because she was so attractive, resulting in him being ignored. 
d. Keep yourself open to new things, and don’t let your plans confine you, because everything in life is already yours.
e. However, Jason is trying to return and try again with his best efforts.  This time he will go through with it unless God intervenes.  Jason thinks it is about time for him to either win the girl’s heart or learn a good lesson.
f. I have been too self-absorbed in the past, obscuring my own view, but I changed my attitude and I am much happier.