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Hong Kong is a place of industry, of beauty and of culture. More that 200 billion dollars worth of goods pass through Hong Kong every year, making it one of Asia’s largest ports. With its own stock market and with at least three globally strategic international banks, Hong Kong is also a very important financial centre. To the fifteen million visitors who pass through Hong Kong every year, however, Hong Kong is probably better remembered for its beauty, and its unique mix of East and West.

his blend of East and West is reflected in Hong Kong’s political structure. The government and legal systems developed while she was a British colony – from 1841 to 1997. With political and economic development now controlled by Beijing, many local people believe that Hong Kong will gradually become more like the rest of China, and some are concerned that the city may lose its competitive edge. There are others, however, who are confident that Hong Kong will continue to be a vibrant and prosperous place, with a character all its own.