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Listen to the following interview with a Divisional Commander from the HK Police and answer the questions below:


1. How is pick-pocketing defined?

Where a thief steals wallets/valuables from somebody’s pocket or bag.

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2. The pick-pocketing rate is very low in Hong Kong. What is one of the reasons cited for this?

Many people do not actually realize their belongings have been stolen and just report them as lost.

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3. What can happen to your credit card if the thief is part of a professional gang?

Thousands of dollars of valuables can be charged on it by the thief.

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4. In restaurants and Dim Sum restaurants, how do thieves usually pick-pocket?

They target jackets hung on the back of chairs and steal wallets from these by pretending to drop something by the jacket while actually taking the wallet.

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5. Why are thieves sometimes able to access people’s ATM bank accounts?

Many people in HK keep their PIN number in their wallets with the ATM card.

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6. Why should women with large handbags be particularly careful?

Thieves either reach into their bags in crowded places and take the wallet, or they use a razor blade to slash the bag open.

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After listening to the superintendent’s s information about pick-pocketing in Hong Kong, what advice would you give to people to help them avoid being pick-pocketed?

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Now listen to the next section of the tape.


Are there any differences between your advice and that of the Police?