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New Zealand Accent Task 1 Rating Form
New Zealand

New Zealand English was created by colonists during the 19th century. The language (vocabulary, accent, register, tone, and grammar) is mainly influenced by English speakers from Australia, Southern England, Ireland, Scotland and also the Maori language spoken by the New Zealand indigenous group.

Watch the short clip below for some insight on the New Zealand accent.



The New Zealand accent is most similar with the Australian accent. Like the Australian Accent its main intonation feature is the high rising terminal, which means that statements are uttered with rising intonation as if they were questions.

"Brit" (aka Bret) -- The New Zealand Accent:

Commonly used New Zealand Slang

New Zealand slang is widely spoken across the country. It consists of words or phrases that are mainly considered as informal and most often used in speech.

Word Meaning Example
all good everything’s fine How’s the assessment going?
All good!
bonnet and boot hood and trunk of car Can you please open up the bonnet and boot?
bro used in place of ‘mate’ or ‘dude’ What’s up, bro?
buggered tired I’m so buggered, I need to sleep.
bugger off go away You’re annoying the hell out of me, bugger off!
carked it to have died His cat just carked it not long ago.
Chrissie Christmas Where are you going for Chrissie?
cuppa a hot drink, usually a cup of tea or coffee Would you like a cuppa?
cuz short for cousin Hey Cuz, how’s it going?
dairy a corner shop or mini supermarket I’m popping to the dairy for some bread and milk
dodgy bad That table looks dodgy, don’t buy it.
fizzy drink soda I’d like to try your fizzy drink.
gizza give us a… That cakes looks delicious, gizza!
Haka a traditional Maori dance The All Blacks always perform the Haka before a match .
hard case a funny or witty person What do you think of Ben? Oh, he’s a hard case.
hosing down raining heavily It’s hosing down outside.
hot chips french fries I love the hot chips from KFC better than Macca’s.
jandals flip flops or thongs Remember to wear your jandals in the shower.
kick the bucket to die He kicked the bucket two days ago.
Kiwi can refer to a New Zealander, or the country’s national bird Are you an Aussie or a Kiwi?
knackered exhausted or tired I was knackered when I got off duty.
Macca’s McDonald’s Let’s go to Macca’s for breakfast.
Maori indigenous people of New Zealand The Maori’s always have family gatherings.
piece of piss describe something that’s very easy Completing the homework was a piece of piss.
pissed to be drunk or heavily intoxicated What happened to him? He got pissed and fell down the stairs.
pressie presents I’m going out to shop for some pressies.
rellies relatives or family This Easter long weekend I’m visiting my rellies in Auckland.
scull to drink an alcoholic drink quickly without stopping Let’s see who’s the first to scull it all down.
shout to treat someone to a meal Are you free tonight? I’ll shout you dinner.
smashed to be drunk or heavily intoxicated They were smashed before the party really got going.
sparkie electrician I think we should call the sparkie to fix the wires.
Task 1) New Zealand Slang vs. American Slang
Watch the video below which features Lucky and Andy quizzing each other on American and New Zealand slang.

Indicate whether the slang is American or New Zealand.
Words Meaning British Canadian English American words
jandals flip flops
chilly bin cooler or a case to put cold drinks
long drop non flushing toilet with a very long drop
heaps a lot of (something)
blacktop pavement or cement
jorts jean shorts
togs swimming trunks
cold turkey quitting something without help
condominium condo or apartment block
criss cross apple sauce sitting cross legged
(Correct answers are highlighted in yellow)
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