Objects to move

  • elated
  • excited
  • helpless
  • disappointed
  • betrayed
  • Stressed
  • nervous
  • disturbing
  • frustrated
  • furious
  • angry
  • depressed
  • lonely
  • annoying
  • relieved

Expressing feelings: Notice how Jun expressed his feelings:
I get offended when girls think I am a pervert.
When we changed seats, I had to take my desk with me, which was annoying.

1. I get/feel
    when I did not get what I want.
    2. Before an exam/ job interview, I feel
      3. When my computer was stolen in the library, I was
        4. I feel
          when my boyfriend cheated on me.
          5. I am
            as I lose interests in many things and no one understands me.
            6. There is nothing I can do, I feel
              7. I am
                because we are going to Disneyland tomorrow.
                8. I was so
                  when the lost camera was found.
                  9. It is
                    when I tried my best and things just did not work.
                    10. It is very
                      when people talk very loudly on the train.