Objects to move

  • elongate
  • hinge away
  • hook
  • stretch sitting
  • top
  • back
  • primal posture
  • ribcage
  • push back
  • bottom
  • hold
  • restore

The exercise the speaker demonstrates is
    Sit with your bottom well
      in your chair, and then
        from the backrest. Place your fists on the lower border of your
          , and then gently
              your lower back. Then grab the armrest or part of the chair to pull the
                of the body away from the
                  of your body. Then hinge yourself to the back of the chair. Use the gripping part of the chair to meet your mid back and
                    you up. Then you can
                      yourself on the back of the chair and relax. You can now
                          while obtaining a pain-free functional life.