Task A: Pre-listening Matching Vocabulary with Definitions

Click on each of the drop down boxes below and match the words with the correct definition on the left.
one circuit of a track
a unit / units of food energy
an expert in dieting
substances that provide nourishment & are essential for growth / life maintenance
a sour, partly solid food made from fermented milk and often sweetened and flavored
a substance making up a large portion of all life forms; necessary in the diet of animals
a breakfast dish made of oatmeal or cereal boiled in water or milk
one of three types of food that supplies energy to the body(the others are proteins and fats)
when the body needs energy or glucose from food, this is released into the blood
a supply not needed for immediate use but available if required
thin cakes made of wheat and oats and cooked in a frying pan
dizzy and slightly faint