Objects to move

  • jeopardy
  • obstacle
  • entrepreneurs
  • clich├ęd
  • impoverished
  • rough
  • semblance
  • virtuous
  • contagious
  • Transparency

1. The lives of thousands of birds are in
    as a result of the oil spillage.
    2. The biggest
      in our way was a tree trunk in the road.
      3. He was one of the
        of the 80s who made their money in property.
        4. He made some
          remark about how the winner deserved the prize. His speech bored everyone.
          5. There are various
            areas in the world and Ethiopia is one of them.
            6. My hands get very
              in the cold.
              7. He was executed without even the
                of a fair trial.
                8. I'm convinced he only does that charity work so he can feel
                  9. The infection is highly
                    , so don't let anyone else use your towel.
                      in government is often credited with generating government accountability.