True False
1. Some network executives call reality TV unscripted programming.
2. Some reality TV shows have more than 10 million viewers a week.
3. Reality TV shows are bringing audiences back to TV.
4. The reporter thinks that reality TV lacks intellect and has questionable values.
5. Sandy Rios, the critic, likes reality TV.
6. Sandy Rios feels that some reality TV shows are encouraging good values.
7. Sandy Rios thinks it is not right to marry a millionaire.
8. Trista Rehn, the Bachelorette, says she needs more time to figure out who her right partner is.
9. Trista Rehn agrees with the critics who think reality TV is terrible.
10. Trista Rehn thinks it isnít easy to meet good partners.
11. Michael Medved, a film critic, believes that people like watching reality TV shows because these shows humiliate really good looking people.
12. The reporter believes that more and more reality shows will be created.
13. Reality TV is less expensive to produce than sitcoms or dramas.