find out cut down turn up put off
put through add up look for get away
hold on come up with get over

1. Have you your GPA result yet? How is it?
2. I need to from work and take a holiday.
3. She spent hours thinking the problem through and in the end a brilliant idea.
4. She still hasn't the death of her dog.
5. Could you a moment while I see if Jake is in his office?
6. Extension 1? I'll you .
7. She promised to her shopping expenses to HKD500 a week.
8. I don’t believe this is true. It just doesn't .
9. We are not done with our work yet, we need to the meeting until next week.
10. I'm my glasses. Have you seen them?
11. Ellie half an hour late for the meeting and her boss was furious.