1. Natural disasters:
    1. Drought
    2. flooding
    3. Famine
    4. Tsunami
    5. Heat wave
    6. Plague
    7. Tornado
    8. Cyclone (including hurricanes)
    9. Earthquake
    10. Wildfire
    11. Volcanic eruption
  2. Problems created when natural disasters occur:
    1. People are killed.
    2. People lose their jobs
    3. Animals lose their homes
    4. The city is no longer safe to live in
    5. Create a city of displaced people.
    6. Influx of people migrating from one country to another
    7. Problems such as violence, deprivation, the outbreak of disease may arise.
  3. According to Stephen Hawking, what are the consequences of our actions if we continue with the burning of fossil fuels?
    1. Global warming, in which the temperature increased might become self-sustaining
    2. The earth will explode because the temperature becomes too high
    3. Earth would become like Venus, with a temperature of 250 centigrade and raining sulfuric acid.
    4. The human race will need to move to Venus for survival
    5. The human race can no longer survive on Earth.