Match the items on the left to the boxes on the right.

Objects to move

  • Read the table of contents or chapter overview to preview the main ideas.
  • Read the title
  • Read the entire introductory paragraph and then the first and last sentence only of each following paragraph.
  • If there are sub-headings, read each one, looking for relationships between them.
  • Stop and quickly read the sentences containing keywords in bold, underlined or in italics.
  • When you think you have found something important, read the entire sentence carefully.
  • Read the final paragraph completely.
  • Read chapter summaries when provided.
  • Keep in mind at all times what it is you are looking for.
  • Analyse the organisation of the content before you start.
  • Let your eyes run over several lines at a time until you find the word or information you are looking for.
  • When you find the keyword/sentence that has the information you want, read the surrounding material carefully.

Steps in skimming an article

    Steps in scanning